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Today i sat down with Lorna Bladen from Enterprise Nation for a little chat about Goodordering, social media and building a community.

Enterprise Nation have teamed up with Facebook to bring out a series of educational events and videos to encourage more women to start up businesses. I'm always proud to team up with them, and have even been on a trade mission with them to Amsterdam to investigate exporting there to their bicycle-loving population. Here is the video!

Some of the key points discussed included:

* Grow your social following slowly and solidly, its a long game, don't expect overnight success: make sure that you interact with all the people who are engaging with you. Do it authentically.

* Use social channels to have a two-way conversation with your customers: facebook is great for conversations and Instagram direct messaging is a way to get in touch with influencers and people who wouldn't normally give an email you write even a glance.

* Create content that your community will care about. Ask them, or check their interests in your Google analytics. Also getting feedback about your blog posts will be useful. Sometimes what you think they are interested in can be completely wrong. Don't make any assumptions.

* Use the different channels for their specific advantages and functionalities: Instagram is more image focussed, twitter can be used for conversations about products, your brand and what your brand stands for. Whereas facebook is a great place to share news.

You can see more of this series and other live chats with enterprise nation on their website or facebook page. The video was filmed at wusi space, a great creative space just behind Broadway Market, East London.



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