The Dark, Strange and Mysterious

The Dark, Strange and Mysterious

I have been increasingly interested in crystals and mystique lately, I think its because it provides an escape from the boring and heartbreaking reality of what is going on in the world - war, environmental destruction etc.

Here are some references and for the dark and mysterious that have been inspiring lately. You can take it far or you can just take it as a surface level aesthetic, either way, its a trend that has been bubbling away for a while now.

Mr Ballen

mr ballenn

If you are a fan of podcasts you need to listen to Br Ballen's podcast on the strange, dark and mysterious. He brings to light some spooky real life stories. Take them as a bed time story or a warning to lock your doors at night, either way, they are very entertaining as he has a way of story telling that is very enchanting. I listen to Mr Ballen on youtube and now he has become very popular on Amazon music podcasts. The stories can be quite graphic and disturbing so its definitely not for children or the faint of heart. 

What i love about Mr Ballen stories is that they can be digested in one go, rather than a whole series, sometimes you don't have the time to listen to a whole season of a podcast, Mr Ballen's stories are compacted into 20 or 30 minutes for the whole story that you can listen to in one single sitting.

Listen on amazon music HERE

Psychic Fashion

psychic t-shirt

In the fashion arena, there has been a shift to 

Lucky Charms

Whether or not you believe in lucky charms, they are a nice concept that can give you confidence when you need it most in this uncertain world. Whether you need something to give you a boost for a presentation or whether you give a gift to someone as a charm or keepsake, these little charms work a charm for little reminders that someone is thinking of you and has your back.

Lucky Charms cereal

 Haricot Vert make the most amazing little charms, their instagram account is one of my favourite. They reference their items as "wearable poetry" which is just beautiful. Look at their instagram HERE

haricot vert instagram

When it comes to lucky charms, the more the merrier, so the collection itself is most of the charm of collection lucky charms.

Haricot vert instagram

lucky acorn

This is from GNOCE.COM i definintely could do with a lucky acorn charm especially every 3 months when i'm getting my updated breast cancer scan! 

Lunar and galaxies

When it comes to the great mysteries of the world you can't go past thinking about the world outside our own universe, what is going on out there, what are those things twinkling in the sky at night? For a long time we have known that the moon powers things like the tides and our own menstrual cycles, its amazing to think about how powerful the moon is in our daily lives, its also helpful to think about things much greater than ourselves when we are feeling helpless and powerless.  

Lunar throw urban outfitters

 This wall hanging leads us down a path of mystery to the moon and the universe beyond.

Galaxy charms

 The collection of star and moon and galaxy inspired charms here is just so gorgeous and so 90s. They depict motifs that are so exotic and mysterious to us on earth, namely the sun, moon and planets surrounding us. These motifs have long held an attraction to us as they represent everrything that we have very little about, sometimes in life we just need to dream and fantasise a bit. I personally spend a lot of time dreaming and letting my wander into space. That is probably why i find everything to do with mysticism and our universe so fascinating, and so attractive as design motifs.

Meadows star and moon dress

Meadows Caster Star dress There are lots of other versions of this dress around but this is by far my favourite! 

galaxy charm necklace

What a beautiful charm bracelet to top off the above outfit from this is only £130 and the website is full of so many other gorgeous pieces inspired by the moon, stars and the galaxy.


Crystals have believed to have healing properties since ancient times. 

Though crystal healing is still considered a pseudoscience, some sources estimate it existed as far back as 6,000 years ago with the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia.

The idea is that crystals interact with the body's energy field, creating balance and alignment. Many people use crystals for stress and focus, while others believe that crystals have the power to heal physical ailments and illnesses.

CrystalsWhilst crystals are a great alternative to precious stones and are more affordable, their mining and supply can also be troublesome and linked to dangerous work conditions and underpaid labour in some of the countries where they are mined. Like all things, we need to be aware of the whole supply chain when it comes to things like stones and jewels including semi precious stones and crystals.

It is worth reading this Guardian article on “the brutal reality behind the booming wellness craze” where crystals are mined in deadly conditions in some of the world’s poorest countries such as Madagascar.

Whether you believe in the vibrations contained within crystals or not, you cannot deny they are beautiful, many illustrators have used crystals as a subject matter creating artworks and posters further explaining their unique properties. This is a a good way to get into this trend without buying the crystals themselves if you are not 100% sure about their origin.

here are some of my favourite.

Birthstones print

 They have a scientific feel to them and I believe create a mystical mood for a cosy interior.

Stones illustration

Crystal healing can also harness the power of the mind in a way that’s perhaps even more potent than vibrational energy improvements. Throughout history, poets and religious leaders viewed crystals as symbols of purity, pleasure, faith and perfection. They used crystals as a source of inspiration, devotion and creativity.

Stanford researchers agree that mindset plays a significant role in health and healing. Practitioners believe the intention-based mindset of crystal healing—like what’s cultivated in mindfulness meditation—can help with immunity, focus, emotional processing, stress reduction and nervous system regulation.

Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is the most effective and identifiable result of crystal healing. Often unappreciated due to its ability to blur research results, this effect is a powerful tool when working in the medical and wellness fields. Closely related to mindset, there are countless benefits to believing that you’re healing, whether physically or emotionally.

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