The devil is in the details

The devil is in the details

Bag design details that elevate any design. I am constantly scouring the web and social media for inspiration of this kind that can elevate my Goodordering bags. Below you can see the different categories of details and ideas that can be used for your designs. 


Colour pops can have a huge impact on any bag. Here you can see the use of two different shades of blue used for webbing on the side straps of this backpack. Plastic as a material can take all kinds of colour, and can be a cost effective way to bring colour into your designs. You can see the colourful array of toggles paired with contrasting coloured elastic cord.

Colour details

Colourful toggles

Functional details on bags such a reflective coatings can life bag designs and improve their utility at the same time.

Reflective tape laces


New designs in hardware become available regularly. To see new designs you can ask you suppliers who normally keep up to date with latest developments and trends.



Clever techniques and placements of branding is a great way of getting your brand out there and demonstrate original design thinking. Branding placements don’t need to always be big and bold, they can also be small and delicate. On this toggle hardware below, the brand Xou Xou use branding that has a delicate and surprising feel.

Branding details


Hide messages on tags, labels or inside pocket flaps for customers to find later. these surprising little details really can delight customers and prompt them to show friends or talk about your brand. Who doesn’t like a bit of free marketing?! 

Goodordering bag details

Hidden message on tag


Experimenting with unexpected materials is always a good way to draw the eye to interesting details. Even chords can be adorned with interesting and unusual materials for their ends. Combining materials with colours is a great way to inject personality into a product.

Goodordering details


Zips have come a long way since their invention in 1914. Frkm coloured teeth to ombré tape the possibilities and combinations are endless. You can even select from a huge variety of zip pulls.

Goodordering zip pulls

Goodordering zips

Goodordering zips

Goodordering zips


The lining of a bag can be a hidden detail that can delight the customer when they open the bag. Often the decision to buy a bag is more to do with the functionality - including the interior organisation than the outside. So lining choice and inside pockets are a detail not to forget about.

Goodordering lining


You can add details in so many ways when designing a bag from the interior to the exterior and even to thee base of the bag. Use colour, material mixes and technology to guide your decisions. I would advise to always use details sparingly so you don't overload the accessory with gimmicky details. Good luck with your bag designing.

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