The helpful economy

The helpful economy

Serving people comes naturally to some people - waiters, consultants, coaches. I also believe in this philosophy with business. To be a business that serves you need to think beyond the cold hard sales figures and focus on the things that are true and common amongst humans. I do it by thinking about if the customer were a friend of mine not just a stranger - what would i do, how would i act both in the sales process and also during the lifetime of the relationship with the customer.

1. Don't be a pushy sales person

The first thing we do at Goodordering is to not be pushy. I had a customer the other day who discovered the brand spontaneously walking past me at Broadway Market. She didn't need a bag but liked them, i told her, if you don't need it, then don't buy it, here is our business card if you do change your mind or your current bag dies, then you can always buy one then. With return policies being tipped in favour of the customer, they can always return it anyway. We don't want buyers remorse, we want people to dream about their Goodordering bag and savour the act of buying it and then enjoying it and speaking fondly of the brand. The only way to achieve this is to play it cool and not be pushy. This also shows true belief in my product.

 2. We offer free repairs even if its not a Goodordering bag 

We love our bags, but they do have a shelf life and can get damaged if not looked after or used (as they should be) everyday. Because we like our bags and don't want them to end up in landfill or charity shop (before their time has come), we have a vested interest in repairing them to extend their useful life. We can't fix every problem but there are common problems that we can fix such as broken clips. Rather than pointing the finger - "you must have stuffed too much inside that bag!" we do our best to fix it and then let them know some of the reasons that might have caused that problem.

As the founder of Goodordering, i openly share lessons i have learnt whilst running Goodordering with other people.

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