The Perfect backpack

The Perfect backpack

backpack Goodordering roll topWhat is the elusive perfect backpack?  well it depends on what you want to use it for. 

Do you want to use it for commuting daily for work? do you want to use it for travel or do you want a backpack for running? 

Do you  live somewhere where waterproofness is important ? or is security more of an issue. You will need to have the answers to these questions before deciding on what is the perfect backpack for your needs.

Eco tartan rolltop Backpack Goodordering


* enough pockets

* comfortable backpack straps

* outside pockets

* right size for your needs

* right material for the purpose

* right bag for the right season

* credentials of the company making it

* price

red goodordereing rolltop backpack


Outside pockets for easy access of things you need to grab quickly. You also need enough inside pockets for smaller more valuable things or items you don't want to get squashed by heavier items. Goodordering backpacks are known for their generous number of pockets.


Backpack straps need to be adjustable and padded ideally. The straps should be long enough for you to be able to grab and put on and adjust. If you are riding a bicycle or running with your backpack on then it is comfortable to have a backpack with a mesh padded back panel. If you are running or jumping around a lot you might want a backpack with chest straps. But don't worry if they don't have chest straps, you can also buy them separately and attach them to your existing backpack. Larger backpacks also have waist straps or hip straps that can help take some of the weight off your shoulders and put it onto your hips or waist.

Backpack with chest strap


You may need the bag to be a minimum size so you can fit in specific items such as a laptop. If you have a small frame you might be better off with a smaller backpack. Oftentimes, you tend to fill up a bag to the maximum that fits inside it, so to save your back you are better off getting a smaller backpack. If you have a large frame, you are likely to have larger clothes and things so a larger backpack is best. You can measure the bag by cm/inch or by the litres which gives you a measure of the volume of the bag. 


You may need the fabric to be waterproof if you live in a climate that rains a lot for example London, or a tropical zone such as Hong Kong where monsoon season hits. You might also look at the inside material -  is it easy to clean if you are likely to get it dirty. If you are commuting to work and take your lunch with you, your container might open accidentally and then spill, so the lining fabric would benefit from being "wipe clean" and made of a material such as nylon or polyester rather than cotton or poly cotton.

Yellow shopper backpack by Goodordering


Depending on whether its summer or winter, the design of the bag might be relevant. In winter when you wear winter coats that are bulky the bag may need to be larger and the straps also need to be extended.


Knowing where, how and what your bag is made from is a big consideration these days. Even if your bag is not made from sustainable material, it might be important that the company creating your bag is local, fair trade, or operated by someone you support or relate to. To do this you may like to check out the company's instagram profile, look at the "who we are" part of their website or you can email them directly with specific questions.


It shouldn't be the number one priority that's obviously price is a big influence in which bag you decide to buy. Consider the overall lifespan of the bag. A bag may be cheap to buy initially it may only last a short amount of time. You can purchase a backpack for as little as £5 but this is not advisable. It will not last you very long - areas that can fail include zips, stitching and the fabric itself. Our backpacks at Goodordering are made from the highest quality we can muster for the most affordable price we can offer.  Our monochrome backpack in black is one of my personal favourites. It has a separate laptop pocket and retails for £65. What is more is that its made from recycled materials and will last you a long time. 

Annotated eco backpack coated

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