The promises of tech

The promises of tech

People always talk about how technology can help with business, running a business, designing logos and all sorts of things, but this post is a humorous take on the problems with ai and relying on tech too much when running a small business.

I recently downloaded an ai program called Chatbox ai, its an ai app which can create not just text 'answers' but also create images. I recently used this app with the instruction to 'design a logo for a bag company called Goodordering', here are a couple of the outcomes :)

Chatbox ai

Prompt: design a logo for a bag company called Goodordering

I think you can agree that these logos are pretty strange and unusable. It shows that using ai as a graphic design tool can be pretty dangerous - maybe you could use it as inspiration but i cannot see anyone actually using this method to generate a real logo. Best contact a 'real' live designer !


This is a software app which can help to create 3d images of a product. Initially i thought it could be a good idea to create images for my website that can show a 360 view of a Goodordering backpack. Wouldn't that be useful for a customer? However, my initial attempt shows that its much more than just the software required. You still need to get the angles, photos, lighting and backdrop right in order to get a useable outcome. 


Of course these are just first attempts, but the promotional materials definitely make it seem easier than it is to get a nice result.

Here is a promotional image for the 3d scanning software. 

 It is still important to get the lighting right and photos in focus, so i will go back to the drawing board and make another attempt!

What software or technology have you used recently that has not lived up to the hype and promises?


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