Things to do in Sydney with kids

Things to do in Sydney with kids

Some people following our Goodordering Instagram account, and my personal Instagram account Jacqui__Ma might know that we are in Australia for 6 weeks during the UK school holidays.

Mia and I have a 5 year old and 4 month old and we are spending 6 weeks in Sydney visiting family. They are mostly working so we have had to find things to do most days. In order to keep our sanity they needed to be vaguely kid-friendly. These have been our favourite things to do so far.

Sydney Park
Why: Former brickworks, set in 40 hectares of gardens and greenery. Not too crowded outdoor playground with slides and nature elements. Great for both adults and children.
Tip: There are 4 different car parks that you can use when visiting as well as cafe & toilet.

Sydney Park

Bronte beach
Why: It has free bbqs, a playground, grass AND beach - something for everyone.
Tip: Don't drive if you can help it, take food and snacks with you for a picnic.

Bronte Beach bbq and park

Powerhouse Museum
Why: Wiggles basement provides hours of fun, its educational and spacious. 
Tip: If you park at a parking station nearby take advantage of discount parking ($14 all day) and spend the day in town. 

powerhouse museum

Fox Studios
Why: Every Sunday they have bouncy castles for kids, there is also a soft play called Monkey Mania. Its good if the weather is bad. Free wifi for parents if they need to do work.
Tip: You can't leave once you are in. Go in after lunch when kids bellies are full :)

Monkey Mania Fox Studios

Dynamo's Play Centre,  Alexandria 
Why: Becuase its a huge soft play, and for soft play size matters! Friendly staff and good food/drinks.
Tips: No own food allowed but you can come in and out so eat snacks outside if necessary. 

Little Dynamos Indoor play centre

Ian Potter wild play garden inside Centennial Park
Why: Its outdoors, great parking, close to city and eastern suburbs and its enclosed
Tips: Great for ages as low as 2 years old, take a picnic lunch and you can go for a walk in the park afterwards.

ian potter playground

Check out the park website here: Centennial Parklands Website

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