You know when you are an urban cyclist when:

1. You stop off for a coffee during your commute
2. You park up against a graffiti wall
3. You ride past friends and people you know on the way to work
4. You have an acute sense of how wide you are as you weave through traffic
5. You have almost fallen in the canal on the way home after a few too many drinks 
6. You don't own lycra but your jeans are wearing out in the bum area
7. You are pretty good at track standing
8. You own a pannier bag (maybe a Goodordering one:)
9. You don't get sweaty on your commute because you are stuck in traffic for most of the time
10. You ride a folding bicycle

Urban cycling Goodordering in Shoreditch east london

We at Goodordering love an urban cyclist. We believe that if more people ride their bikes around cities, it will be safer for everyone. If you have any tales of urban cycling, we'd love to hear from you!

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