10 Uses for the free drawstring dust bag

10 Uses for the free drawstring dust bag

If you have purchased a Goodordering bag you might have noticed a free drawstring bag that is included with your bag. Some people ask what this is useful, originally it was to package the bags and offer a little touch of luxury but here are some practical uses for this drawstring bag. 

The drawstring bag is made from a wipe clean nylon material. You can throw it in the washing machine so it is very versatile.

1. Yarn storage

If you have a knitting addiction you can use a goodordering drawstring bag to store your crafty stash. Smooth and lightweight its the ideal storage for crafting on the go.

Goodordering drawstring bag wool

2. Dirty washing

When travelling use a goodordering drawstring bag to put in your dirty clothes so you can simply throw them all in the laundry when you get home. You can also put the bag in the wash too.

Goodordering drawstring bag

3. Bath toys

Use the water-resistant bag to store items in the bathroom, you can use the drawstring to hang it on a hook

bath toys in Goodordering drawstring bag

4. Trainers transportation

Take your trainers in your bag without getting everything else mucky. Throw it in the wash at the end of the day.

Goodordering trainers in drawstring bag

5. Swimming bag

Keep your wet things separated from your dry things when you go swimming.

Goodordering drawstring bag

 6. Storing blankets

In summer store away your blankets in these bags to keep them safe from snagging and dust.

Goodordering drawstring bag with blanket

7. Storing soft toys

Take your favourite soft toys to your sleep over using this bag.

Goodordering drawstring bag with soft toys

8. Toy bag 

Tidy away your toys and keep them organised.

Goodordering drawstring bag

9. P.E kit bag

Keep your kid's PE kit easily identifiable using the lightweight drawstring bag.

Goodordering drawstring bag

10. Hair tools

Hang hair accessories and bits and bobs on hooks in your bathroom.

Goodordering drawstring bag




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