What Electric Bike Size Should You Get For Your Height?

What Electric Bike Size Should You Get For Your Height?

What Electric Bike Size Should You Get For Your Height?

The electric bike has changed the face of bicycle riding forever. A rider can ride more do more go to places that were harder to reach before. However, with this kind of investment its important that you choose the correct size e-bike. Here is our guide on considerations for selecting the right bike for you.

Just so you know, electric bikes come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. Undoubtedly, it’s an overwhelming experience when you convert over to an e-bike. Especially finding the right size according to your height. Because there aren’t many details shared while you’re buying them online.

So before you buy an e-bike for yourself, it’s a good idea to measure your exact height first. In doing so you’ll be able to find the right e-bike for yourself. And we are going to help you find the right sized electric bike.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

The Right Sized E-Bike- Is It Important Or Not?

It’s crucial to find the right size e-bike. Our research shows that many individuals faced difficulties with their e-bikes because they didn’t consider finding the right size for e-bikes.

If you don’t find the right size for your e-bike, then you won’t be able to ride for long without having severe back pain. Finding the right size will benefit you in the long run.

As you know, electric bikes have paddle assists, which lets you relax and ride for long without tiring yourself. However, it’s only possible if you get the right size. Otherwise, it’ll do you more harm than good, because you’ll be in an uncomfortable position at all times while riding.

Does E-Bikes Size Determine The Bike's Comfort?

The bike’s height should match up with the e-bike, not the other way around. Because you can’t change your height but you can choose a bike that matches your height.

If you choose the wrong size electric bike then it’ll not only be harder to ride but also extremely uncomfortable to handle the bike properly. Even if you’re short you shouldn’t compromise on finding the right size while choosing a bike.

However, you can find the best electric bike for a short person, all you have to do is look into it further, that’s all. When you go to purchase an e-bike, every bike is measured in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. You should choose either one according to your body and inseam size, to have a comfortable ride all day long. 


Proper Measurements To Find The Right E-Bikes?

As mentioned you need to find the right size before you choose an electric bike. To do that, you must take an accurate measurement of yourself first. We’ve listed down the measurements you’ll require to find the right e-bike for you.

Overall Height measurement

First get an overall measurement of your body height. If you know your height that it’s great, if not then take the necessary measures given below.

  • Take a measurement tape to stand straight alongside a wall around.
  • Mark the length with a pen/pencil.
  • Then just take the measurement from the ground to the marking point with a tailor tape.

Note- wear your riding shoes while taking the measurement. In doing so you’ll get the accurate height length of your overall weight. Because you won’t ride barefooted, right?

Inseam measurement

Next take the measurement of your inseam height. To do that follow these given steps below.

  • Stand tall and straight with your riding shoes. Don’t keep your feet close to each other, keep at least a 6-inch distance between them.
  • Take something that can mimic the bike’s seat and put it between your legs.
  • Then take the tailor tape and take the measurement from your inner thigh to the ground.

Note- so that you don’t forget the measurement, you can keep tabs on measurements in a notebook.

Let’s have a look over the general rider’s height measurements:

Feet and inches


4' to 5' 

122cm to 152cm

5' to 5'5'' 

152cm to 165cm

5'.5'' to 6'.0

165cm to 183cm

6'.0 or above

183 or taller

Drawbacks Of Using The Incorrect Sized E-Bike

Although we’re all aware of the benefits of using an e-bike. In all honesty, because of the usage perks, its popularity is growing by the day.

If you ride on an e-bike that doesn’t match your height, it doesn’t just ruin your riding experience, it also hinders you physically.

And it can lead to severe injuries in the long term. Let’s find out the drawbacks of using these kinds of e-bikes.

Regular Back Pain

As you ride on an electric bike that doesn’t match your height, it might be too long or short for you. Although an e-bike has a paddle assist you have to keep your feet somewhere, right?

If your feet are too close or too stretched, it puts a massive strain on your back. And that leads to regular back pain after a riding season on such a bike.  

Wrist Pain

When you’re riding on an e-bike that is too big or small for you it’s not good for your wrist. Because you have to manipulate your wrist naturally in order to control the bike properly, otherwise it hinders its control.

In doing so you put a massive strain on your hand and wrist, which leads to severe pain after riding even on an e-bike.

Excessive Fatigue

E-bikes are meant for an easy-going ride, so after a long ride, you don’t have excessive fatigue. However, it’s only true if you use the right-sized e-bike. If not then after a small riding season you’ll have excessive fatigue, even after having full support from the paddle assistance.

As you can see, not riding on a right-sized electric bike causes several physical issues. To avoid it you must pick the right e-bike according to your height. Don’t buy a bike that your friend recommended. It’ll bring you nothing but misery along the way.

How To Choose Suitable E-Bikes For You?

By now, pretty sure you have grasped the importance of choosing the right sized electric bike, right? We’ve already discussed the method of measuring the necessary parts of your body.

With those measurements, you should choose a suitable electric bike comparing them with the bike. In doing so, you’ll have an e-bike that fits perfectly with your height. You choose by taking the following measurements of the electric bike.

Frame size

The e-bike’s frame size is the first and foremost thing to consider while buying. Unlike other parts of an e-bike, you can’t customize it further to suit your needs. Having the wrong frame size on an e-bike is the main cause for having back pain.

Just so you know, getting the right sized frame for your e-bike should be the primary concern. So, give a thorough look over the bike’s frame while buying, especially if you are ordering online.

Horizontal Top Tube

Horizontal top tube is measured between the center of the head tube and the center of the seat post. If you get the horizontal top tube measurement wrong then while riding it will cause the wrist to ache after a small season of e-bike riding. To avoid it you must choose the horizontal top tube according to your body length.

Stack And Reach

Stack and reach are pretty similar to the horizontal top tube measurement. It is measured above the bottom bracket of your e-bike. The stack is located above the head tube and the reach is located above the stand itself.

Standover Height

Standover height is measured in accordance with your inseam length. It’s located in between the frame and the middle of the seat tube. However, e-bike manufacturers have quite decided on the standard measurement. But you can choose it by comparing the length of your inseam.

Let’s have a look over the general electric bike’s size measurements


Frame size in inch

Frame size in centimetres 

4' to 5' 

20'' or lower

50cm or below

5' to 5'5'' 

24'' to 26''

61cm to 66cm

5'.5'' to 6'.0

26'' to 27''

66cm to 68cm

6'.0 or above

27'' to 29''

66cm to 74cm

Final Considerations

Remember only the right-sized electric bike is the key to having an excellent riding season. So what are you waiting for? take the necessary body measurement as mentioned above.

After that match your body measurement with the electric bike for getting the perfect electric bike. That matches your body length. It doesn’t matter if you are short or tall if you can match your body length with the e-bike. You can enjoy every ride.

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