What is Japandi Styling?

What is Japandi Styling?

Japandi is a word to describe an interior design trend that blends Japanese and Scandinavian style. Whilst it started as an interior trend, we are now seeing this vibe bleed into fashion and product design. The calmness of the Japandi philosophy really appeals to me, it doesn't need to be void of colour or details, it just needs to have a controlled and purposeful approach to design.

As described by the Times, Japandi is "Characterised by a focus on simple forms such as the lantern light and the platform bed, Japandi is the perfect palate cleanser if you are maxed out on maximalism" 

Japandi styling

It is the perfect balance between cosy and zen. A successful Japandi interior is minimal but not cold. Cosy but uncluttered, and natural materials play a large role.

goodordering mini backpacks

The image above shows a cool Tokyobike kids bicycle with our Goodordering classic bags. I feel that Japandi styling doesn't just have to be all beige and raffia. The principles can also apply to fashion styling and it doesn't have to be devoid of colour. Use colour sparingly and carefully and use shape and pattern to draw the eye to where you want the focus to be.

Japandi interior styling

Peaceful color combinations consisting of neutral hues are the bread and butter of the Japandi palette. If you love bright hues, try incorporating them in subtle and intentional ways. Here, a cobalt blue accented rug is offset with a plastered fireplace and crisp white walls.

Japandi prints by https://www.paperministry.com/

This company embodies the Japandi aesthetic really well, its www.paperministry.com which is a danish company that specialise in vintage and vintage style prints. These ones above are vintage Japanese prints.

 Here are some images from their really luscious and inspiraional instagram account.

paper ministry japandi desig

So what are the key ideas behind this design trend and how can you achieve this look in your space?

Use natural materials

Alongside bamboo and rattan, wood is an obvious choice for furniture. Scandinavian pieces typically feature clean, simple lines. Meanwhile, in Japan, it’s more common to have stained or painted woods and curved shaped furniture. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the two styles to increase visual interest. Make sure the pieces you choose are top quality. 

Keep accessories minimal

Try not to have too much clutter and choose accessories carefully. Less is more when designing your interiors with Japandi style. Select thoughtful and functional pieces to complement this natural calming interior design scheme. Take your time selecting bespoke items as they are to be appreciated and noticed within the wider Japandi scheme.  

Goodordering classic backpack

Use texture

Texture is key with the Japandi trend.  Layering in natural textures such as a jute pouf or woven wool blankets and throws will help bring in some coziness to your space!

Subtle lighting

Make sure your rooms are softly lit to encourage a peaceful feeling. Be aware of the feeling of the space when day changes to evening and then into night. Light creates patterns as well as shadows which add pattern to the room as well as warmth.

Incorporate plants

A signature element to Japandi styling is the light and airy feeling it brings inside. Japandi perfectly blurs the lines of inside and outside. Choosing signature Japanese indoor plants brings a sense of tranquillity into space and perfectly compliments a neutral colour palette, harmonising the muted scheme. 


Japandi interiors

Our Goodordering classic range of bags finds inspiration in Japanese school bags but is also heavily inspired by scandi brands like Fjallraven and Ikea. The simplicity and playfulness of these brands really appeal. On the other hand when we think of Japanese design we think about low profile furniture, squared off edges, bonsai's and rice paper screens. These materials traditionally are natural and humble and the spaces that result are calm and encourage a meditative, thoughtful vibe.

Goodordering classic range first launched 2012

The Japandi interiors style trend will inevitably evolve over time. It has also been around already for a long time already. Whilst it may have started off as a very minimalist beige trend, i see this trend become more darlng over time, incorporating more statement colours. With people staying in more, we are increasingly looking for inspiration for home decor trends across social media platforms.  As long as the core principles are adhered to you will end up with a really peaceful and cosy space.

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