What To Do If You Hate Receiving Junk Mail

What To Do If You Hate Receiving Junk Mail

Regular direct mail is great. Many like to feel a handwritten message or flick through the pages of a lovingly made leaflet posted through their letterbox.

However, there are downsides to direct mail too. Though email accounts can be flooded with dubious spam messages, receivers of the regular post also get garbage sent to them. Of course, they don’t have spam filters to help here, so managing these false correspondences can be taxing or even overwhelming.

Still, there are measures you can take that make managing junk mail easier. Here’s a quick rundown of the options you have.

Return to Sender

Junk mail can sometimes be a genuine mistake. Giving the sender a chance to rectify it can be helpful both for them and for you, preventing the error from happening again.

Write “not this address” on the envelope, leaflet, or package you have been sent, though make sure to leave your address untouched if it’s there. You can then give it back to the courier, who might still be making the rounds, and he or she should pass it back to the sender.

If the item has a return address, you can place the item inside your mailbox and signal with the red flag that you have outgoing mail to be collected. Next time they’re around, your courier should pick it up and send the item back to the point of origin. 

Use a Virtual Mailbox Service

You can digitize all your mail. There are businesses dedicated to helping you do this safely and securely.

For more on these solutions, visit https://physicaladdress.com/. They explain that your mail can be sent to them, and they’ll scan it for you. After that, you’ll have access to a personal virtual mailbox they manage on your behalf. They can also shred unwanted items for free. It’s an affordable and convenient service and can be accessed from anywhere worldwide. There are no sign-up fees or contracts.

Virtual mail services can provide peace of mind and simplify your relationship with all mail. There are real-time alerts, and no third-party services are used. A reliable and competent service, much of the anguish junk mail can cause is reduced here. You won’t have piles of unwanted letters and leaflets to contend with.


Curate Mailing Lists

Some people opt into mailing lists almost absent-mindedly. It can often be done online accidentally, hastily ticking a box so that one can get to the content they’re seeking.

This faux pas can lead to a lot of junk mail being sent to your address. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go through your records and check that you’re not signed up for promotions and marketing campaigns you’re not interested in.

Remember, corporations don’t just collect data; they also share it with other firms and must disclose that they do if you ask them about it. You might need to make a few enquiries, but you should be glad you have.

Be respectful and courteous if you reach out directly. While it’s understandable to be annoyed by junk mail, it’s still important to be well-mannered and mature about matters. After all, the person you’re speaking to may only be a firm representative, not directly responsible for the junk mail you’re receiving.

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