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Here we are with our 2nd edition of WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG, <check out our first one here > We ask our customers to reveal their deepest darkest secrets and show us what kind of things are in their Goodordering bag. Here is one of our customers Helen who is a graphic designer, here is her website -----> hholden-design.com

Some vital details
Name: Helen Holden
Age: 40 (soon to be 41 May 26th!)
From: London
Lives: London

Goodordering market shopper bag

What do you carry around in your bag?
EVERYTHING!! i love my bag because it can hold so much. I take it everywhere. it's like my travel pal. 

What item(s) can you not live without?
I can’t live without my headphones and my notebook. Escape through music and record creative ideas.

What is the most unusual thing you have in your bag and why?
I don’t think I’m interesting enough to have anything unusual in my bag but I am reading a book by the scummy mummies which is hilariously funny. I did have my childs tooth in it the other day.

Tell us a story about where your bag has taken you.
My bag takes me everywhere. I cycle with it, walk with it, work with it, it’s literally the bag i use for everything. It’s so versatile and looks cool - i always get comments about it. I recently took it to Bangkok on a work trip and it came out with me everyday. The bag you get within the bag is great for my swimming days to the lido. There is nothing i dislike about my bag. The only thing that can be frustrating at times is remembering what pocket i put stuff in, however the best way to resolve this is to always use the same pocket for that one thing. As you can see in my picture i am going through a very green stage.. I already have the brown one. Birthday coming up so maybe i’ll get the blue?!!

We'd love if you are up for it to be in our next feature!

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