Action Bicycle Club

/ By Jacqui Ma

Run by the lovely Charlotte and Ken, Action Bicycle Club based in Christchurch, New Zealand stirs up the action for all things cycle. They create beautiful, practical bikes, apparels and accessories. And on top of that they are a social enterprise, taking 3% of their sales to fund cycle related community projects. They have very much the same vision as us at Goodordering, together building liveable, cycle friendly cities to be proud of.

Action Bicycle Club in Christchurch New Zealand

Action Bicycle Club in Christchurch New Zealand

They do free shipping on all their goodies throughout New Zealand and you can find their store at 

8 Walker Street
Central Christchurch
Christchurch 8011

Phone: (+64) 03 261 9197

Mon - Fri 8.00AM - 5.30PM
Sat 10.00AM - 4.00PM

Action Bicycle Club, New Zealand

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