Donate a bag to a teacher

You don't want a bag to clog up your hallway becuase you have enough but you want to support Goodordering. Well now you can donate a bag to someone else you needs one.

Both of my kids go to school in Hackney and from my experience teachers love Goodordering but also can't necessary always afford to buy our bags. 

If you purchase a donor bag, even for a small contribution, we will make sure your bag gets paired up with a deserving teacher and will even send you a picture of the lucky recipient!

All you need to do is buy a bag as normal on this website and in the SHIPPING METHOD, select DONATE-A-BAG

You can then enter the code "donateabag" in the discount area for 50% off which will be our contribution to the donation.

donate a bag

Shop now to donate a bag! Our aim is to get every teacher in hackney accessorised with a Goodordering backpack!