How it works

The bags attach to the bikes through the same simple clip attachment.

Whilst this means the bags are not secured at the base, it also means when the bags are used off the bike, there are no hard clips in the way. Also, from a design point of view, the bags work as well off the bike as on the bike.


Goodordering Rolltop backpack

How to best attach your Goodordering rolltop backpack to the bicycle pannier rack. The easiest, quickiest and safest way to get the backpack straps out of the way is to extend the backpack straps first, don't unclip them and then tuck the whole strap into the sleeve. This ensures that the straps don't dangle down by your bicycle. Watch the video below. (apologies for the comedy intro)


We have found that the weight of the bag itself pushes the base of the bag towards the wheel, stopping it from bouncing around. Although please note, the bag will have a bit of movement against the bike.

The clip clips onto itself rather than onto the actual rack.





This is how the handlebar bag attaches - with the same clip mechanism simply loop the straps over the handle bars. When the bag is used as a shoulder bag the straps can either be joined to the shoulder strap or simple sit flat on the back of the bag.


Some people have asked whether the handlebar bag can fit onto drop down handlebars. Depending on the clearance it can attach as shown, but you would have to decide whether you can still access your brakes depending on their positioning.


On the shopper, to attach to a bike rack, again simply unclip the 2 clips on the straps that sit flat on the bag. Be sure to tuck the backpack straps into the little flap at the base to avoid the straps getting caught in the moving bicycle parts.

From one set of wheels to another, if you do have a little one, you can also use the handlebar bag as a buggy bag. Simply attach the loops around the handles of any buggy. It works for separate handle and single handle buggy styles.


Goodordering picnic pannier attachment of bag to rack

The Picnic pannier and the messenger both have a rigid clip system which snaps down onto the pannier rack. Note, these bags do not fit onto racks with wide bars. They suit 8mm tubes or less. 

If you have any other questions about how the bags work, please don't hesitate to get in touch!