What we care about

Right now we are on our journey towards making our products more sustainable. You can follow our sustainable journey HERE on our blog posts tagged SUSTAINABILITY. 

Goodordering manufacturing

We understand we are not perfect and we alone can't change the world, but here are some of the things we feel strongly about.

Cycling as a viable mode of transport: We believe that if more people cycle in cities, it will be safer for everyone.

Design: We believe that great design can change lives, we don't design in a bubble, we design with our customer's help and feedback. We are not the finished product, we know our products can be improved.

Responsible manufacturing: currently our products are made in China. We make a point of regularly visiting the factory and maintaining a close relationship with all of our suppliers. 

Sustainable materials: We have started on our journey towards all of our bags being made from recycled materials. We are about 30% the way there.  It is a continual process that we will revisit as technology offers new ways to manufacture sustainably.

Community: Even though we have a global outlook, we know community begins on our street. We work with local networks and councils supporting cycling festivals and local schools in London.

Flexibility: We are a pro-flexible work company. We have worked remotely and flexibly since day one and plan on continuing to do so.