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"The backpack is lightweight, waterproof and SO versatile."

"I use the Good Ordering backpack for work - and it is brilliant! I'm a Holistic Therapist and Trainer and have a fairly constant supply of towels, oils and consent forms to lug around London with me. The backpack is lightweight, waterproof and SO versatile. I can use it as a backpack or shopper during the day, and then clip it to my bike as a pannier for the cycle home. Loads of storage room, pockets and a very handy dust bag that I use to store used towels in throughout the day. I'd recommend this backpack to anyone who has more than a wallet to carry around day-to-day, but particularly for therapists or bodyworkers."

Favourite bag

I have had my bag for almost 4 years and absolutely love it plus it washes well! First used it for work but when my daughter arrived realised that it was perfect as a day bag with all of its pockets; nappies fiT perfectly in the long outside pocket, phone in the bottom one etc. Constantly getting comments on it and have persuaded about 3 other people to get one-love it!

Life changing

I actually have three Of these now. I whizz around on my bike in Highbury, London, snapping my bag on and off my handlebars aNd slinging it onto my back or shoulder. It makes life so easY. I have a little bracket at the front which The bag rests on. I use the pull-out bag for groceries, popping it into a metal mesh basket that i've affixed to the back of my bike. i keep lights and a reflector jacket in the bag's front pocket. I use this every day, and aside from being hugely practical it also looks cute. i love it and absOlutely recommend it!


I’m a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and bought the ‘Forest Green Pannier’ for my bike. Admittedly, I did originally buy it for my husband as a ‘lets share’ gift for carrying picnics when going out for longer cycles but I think it’s safe to say that I’ve stolen it completely for myself in day-to-day cycles.

My laptop and my lab books are my life so it’s great to know that there’s ample room in the pannier for everything and its secure, safe and waterproof – that’s tried and tested in Scottish weather! I’m a little hesitant to carry too much weight on my back which is why I opted for the pannier and it has the perfect amount of little compartments for all my fiddly bits and bobs (house keys, security pass, bike shed keys, etc) that always end up hiding at the bottom of any bag. Also – it looks great! I’ve had a lot of compliments on it as it is so practical with so much space but still looks good.

Saddle Bag:

I have a saddle bag which is perfect for nipping out to friends or meeting at a café when I just want to carry my bare essentials without panicking that anything is going to fall out of my back-pocket. I also use this frequently for trekking to lectures across town quickly as I can squeeze a notepad and pens/calculator in here without too much trouble. Life-saver.

Rebekah Kells

@Goodordering hi ! Just wanted to say after many months your bag is still awesome! Great design and sturdy. Really impressed. Thankyou :-)
@Ramesh of London

"It is finally time that there is a bag that looks good and can be used for the pram, as a rucksack and as a carrier that both me and my fella can both use! I love how it looks and that I can use the same bag whether using the buggy or the sling! Love it! Plus it is good if it rains too!"
" When I first received the bag, it looked a little small but I was pleasantly surprised at amount of items it can fit when packed well. I have been able to fit not only spares for my baby such as nappies, wipes & basic clothing, but also my camera (a DSLR) & even a spare lens!

The side pockets are handy for an umbrella, your phone or whatever else you need to grab quickly and the velcro for the main compartment is strong and feels like it will last well and is secure.

I went for the Chestnut colour and it's lovely. The bag feels really well made for its price and I am recommending it to everyone. I look forward to trying it out on the front of my bike next Spring too."
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