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Welcome to Goodordering !

We are happy to have you here. We would love to extend to you an invitation to browse our bags and if anything takes your fancy, to buy something with a special discount of 15%.

You can use it to buy your team bags, personalise a bag for yourself or even get a pressie for a loved one!

Just use this code at checkout "VIRGr1d3"

Goodordering aims to inspire people to rediscover the joy of cycling through its colourful, functional bags. Started in 2012 in Hackney, east London, designer Jacqui Ma, the brand is now sold across 40 countries.

"I love cycling, but i don't wear lycra and there have to be lots of other people out there like me. If i can inspire even just 10 people a year to take up cycling, i have achieved my goal." Jacqui Ma, designer and founder of Goodordering.

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact us on

Jacqui and the Goodordering team