3 in 1 Market Shopper

3 in 1 Market Shopper

DESIGN is at the heart of all Goodordering products. So we wanted to come up with a bag that could be everything you needed in one. The 3 in 1 Market shopper can be used in multiple ways and here’s just a few.

Here are the 5 uses of this versatile bag:

1) grab handle bag
2) backpack
3) shoulder bag
4) bicycle pannier bag
5) handlebar bag
6) laptop bag

Use 1: Grab Handle

Goodordering 3 in 1 market shopper black and white

This bag was designed for the busy urban commuter so no matter what mode of transport you are taking it will be easy for you to wear. The handles are designed to sit comfortably in your hands and is the perfect height to not touch the floor.

Wide open side pockets allow you to put things in that you may need whilst you are on the go for example umbrellas and your water bottle.  When you are cycling you can throw in your lock or lights.

Use 2: Backpack
Goodordering 3 in 1 market shopper black and white

The bag was designed so you could wear it the way that was most comfortable for you. If you’re tired of carrying your bag by the handle you can easily swap it to your back. On the back of the bag, it comes with padded adjustable straps to fit a huge range of shapes and sizes.

The bag fits perfectly onto the back as a great alternative to carrying the bag on one shoulder, also great when you have a heavier load to take around. 

Use 3: Shoulder Bag
Goodordering 3 in 1 market shopper

The bag is all about accessibility and making it easy for you to go about your everyday life so when your not using as a backpack or a pannier you can simply throw it on your shoulder and you’re good to go.

The shoulder bag makes it even easier for you to be able to grab and store items in the front pockets. Meaning it solves the issue of having to spend several minutes locating them in the depths of your bag, I know I’m guilty of this way too often!

Use 4: Pannier
Goodordering 3 in 1 market shopper black and white

When designing the bags the main mission was to make them into something everyone could use whether that's through commuting, everyday life or cycling. Therefore we don't think of our bags as cycling bags but bags that can be attached to bicycles. 

It can be used as a pannier! simply tuck in the backpack straps so they don’t get caught in the cycle parts and then unclip the 2 clips and connect it to your bicycle pannier rack. 

Use 5: Handlebar Bag
Goodordering 3 in 1 market shopper black and white

If you have a bicycle with a good distance between the handlebars and the front tyre, you can also clip the bag on to the handlebars of your bike. This is useful if you don't have a pannier rack. Simply unclip the clips at the back and place them around the handlebars, making sure to tuck in the backpack straps before, you can see how this is done HERE and see the picture below:

Use 6: Laptop Bag
Goodordering 3 in 1 market shopper black and white

The great thing about this bag is that it has so many different compartments that you can use, you could probably pack your kitchen sink in and still have room. Ok, maybe not the kitchen sink but it is great for fitting in your laptop, lock, books, and everything else you might need during your day.

Goodordering 3 in 1 market shopper

If you’re anything like me then you’ll be carrying around your laptop all the time so having a bag that easily fits and secures mine is a must! There’s a separate back pocket that allows for the laptop to be easily secured and protects it from any other items you may have in your bag. The padded pocket and the water-resistant nylon all help to keep your items safe.

The 3 in 1 Market Shopper is a great versatile bag that allows you to use it your way and has so many features that it really grows with you. It’s a bag that will be with you through your commute and everyday life.

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