Barbicore Pink

Barbicore Pink

The Barbie film starring Margot Robbie is coming out soon (2023) Barbie might be single handedly responsible for setting pink as a ‘girls colour’, Mattel has a lot to answer for in the early age of gender associations of colour. Something I think is truly dumb, but nonetheless iconic in popular culture.

Barbie movie poster
Pink has been all over the catwalk for 2023, but in some ways it is being used ironically and reclaimed as a unisex colour. Here below is the Valentino Aw2023 runway show which features an overload of high vis hot pink. even the runway itself was painted pink. 


Valentino 2023 pink

It wasn't just Valentino on the pink crusade, Prada also had some hot pink pieces in their 2023 collection.

prada and chanel

Business insider mag says:

"Barbiecore isn't just the summer's hottest trend. It's a Gen Z and Millennial statement on diversity and feminism.”

Bright hot pink is no longer a colour just reserved for 'girly girls' and white original barbie-like figures, it has been reclaimed as an expressive feminine colour for all shapes and sizes like this gorgeous image of Lizzo on tour below. The fashion statement rejects old standards of beauty and challenges stereotypes on femininity.

Lizzo pink Read the rest of the Business Insider article HERE

Even Kim Kardashian has been rocking the barbie look. Barbie with curves, at least that is one step on! 

kim kardashian barbiecore

At Goodordering, we are all about INCLUSIVITY, our new HOTPINK neon bag is part of our soon to be arriving Neon collection which features this bright hot pink in a sporty context. The materials we have used are strong, robust, highly visible and perfect for cycling. We reject the idea that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Pink is a hugely fun and safe colour that screams fun, action and getting out there after being locked away during the Covid pandemic.

Goodordering neon pink rolltop backpack

Goodordering backpack barbicore

barbiecore goodordering

pink rolltop backpack Goodordering

Barbiecore is a riff on the very first 'core' fashion trend which was 'Normcore'. Normcore was a term to describe a fashion style based on very mundane, girl next door 'normal' fashion, the absence of statement items, baggy, unremarkable clothes with little bling or little adornment. Even verging on unisex. Barbiecore is a trend that is basically an overload of toy doll dressing. A close relative to the other fashion trend called Dopamine Dressing

Bratz Barbiecore

Rose Huntington for Vogue Japan

rose huntington for Vogue Japan

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