Bicycle related fund raising for schools and clubs

Bicycle related fund raising for schools and clubs

My son is in year 5 and next year they are going on a school trip called a residential where they stay over somewhere for several nights. The cost of the trip per child is quite expensive for any family to afford at £320 per child, its obviously a fair cost but out of reach for many hackney families. 

So i have been researching ways to help fund raise for this event relating to my business and the business of bicycles in general. Here is a list of ways to fund raise and also keep fit and promote cycling at the same time. 


Organise a jumble sale where people can bring parts and bikes in to donate and sell them to the public. Its a great way for people to get rid of things they don't use and a way raise money at the same time. You can approach local bike shops to donate things for this sale and perhaps even do the sale at the school or club for ease of logistics after school or even on a weekend.

  bicycle jumble sale


You can organise a bike ride (with sponsorship from local businesses to provide a picnic at the end of the ride or snacks and drinks along the way. You can also get t-shirts printed for a local business where you provide advertising for the business in return forr money to go towards the fundraising goal.


Similar to the bike jumble sale but an online virtual version requiring less logistics. People donate unused bicycles and the bikes are auctioned off online. There are several online platforms that you can use to host the auction, ones that take less commission due to the fact that the auction is to raise money for a not-for-profit. organisation. 


You can organise a bike race treasure hunt where players - a group consisting of an adult and a child enter to win a prize. A treasure hunt works by hiding clues and the treasure. The clues can be simple drawings that the participants have to find. Each clue tells your child where to find the next clue. The final clue leads to the treasure. There is a map (of the local area) and if the teams get back to the final end point with the treasure it means they have been successful in finding all the clues. Its also a lot of fun for a day out. 

bike and seek graphic


Similar to the treasure hunt, this uses a checklist, the particpants have to find all the items on the list and record them either with a camera phone or physically collect them. The team who gets all of the first wins. You can make money. from this by charging an entry fee for participants, and getting the prize donated by a local business.

bicycle scavenger hunt example


This can also be combined with riding a scooter or walking to school. Everyone who does this donates £1 and its a way to raise some money whilst keeping everyone fit and aware of the benefits of exercise and fresh air at the same time.


Similar to car washing , the school could hold a bike washing afternoon where volunteers offer to wash and clean your bicycle for a set fee. This could be done after school one day whilst also selling food or having a bake sale whilst the people wait for their bicycles to be cleaned. You can do a slightly more professional version of this where you get qualified bicycle mechanics to ccome and check over bikes at the school gate for a small fee. The local businesses volunteer their time whilst also marketing their local business at the same time. Its a win win. 

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