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Goodordering a short history

Since is it my birthday tomorrow and it has prompted me to reflect a little, i thought i would take a little bit of time to document the key moments for Goodordering in these last 8 years since i started the business with a kickstarter campaign and savings of £12,000. 

first photoshoot goodordering 2013

This photo above was from our first ever photoshoot in 2013. We borrowed a friend's work studio on the weekend and took all the pictures ourselves. 

2011: I was working full time at WGSN and started sketching bags, then launched the brand with a Kickstarter Campaign.

2012: The company started, Otto, our son was born and that was the beginning of Goodordering

2013: Worked on growing the brand and finding stockists.

2014: A blur, no idea what happened in this year. Introduced personalised bags.

2015: Added new styles to the classic range (from 4 styles to 9), using another kickstarter campaign to raise money. Goodordering South Korea opened.

Goodordering korea shop

The shop in Korea soon to open

2016: Quit my full time job and started working on Goodordering most of the time. 

2017: Launched the Goodordering monochrome range 

monochrome rnage

2018: Goodordering Pop up shop on Hackney Rd for 3 months, Max our other son was born. Launched Goodordering eyewear

2019: Launched Made in UK edition ,added new colours to the monochrome range (red and yellow). Got sick 🤢then got better 🙂

2020: Covid19, added masks to the product offering, launched the recycled Eco range.

Goodordering masks

The above face masks were introduced in March 2020 as a response to the Covid19 situation, where social distancing and wearing masks are all about slowing or stopping the spread of the virus. You can read more about the design and making of the masks HERE. 

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