Personalising your backpack

Personalising your backpack

In a climate of mass market we look for something a bit more original, something that only you have. I did a bit of research on bags that have been hand personalised or have a look of being hand personalised. They are practical art pieces or mobile art. 


PAINTED PERSONALISED BACKPACK DR MARTENS Here are some examples of high end leather hand bags personalised by the brand itself. You can also do this yourself at home if you are brave enough. Don't be scared just go for it, i think it makes bags so much more interesting and unique.

personalised bag

Have a look at our PERSONALISED PINTEREST BOARD HERE . There is lots more inspiration and photos including personalised and customised clothing shoes and bags, from the catwalk to the home made. 

personalised art bag

You can simply buy a backpack and personalise it yourself using laundry markers. Depending on the surface you can also use acrylic paint and then set the paint with matt or gloss varnish spray. I have done this myself and it works a treat.


A personalised bag can also make a great gift. It is unique and one of a kind and also a souvenir of a specific time and place. A trip to Paris, your time in high school, a memorable experience - any of these times you want to remember can be captured by personalising your bag.

Personalised bags art bags

I made a video showing me painting on a Goodordering classic eco high vis backpack with a pride message, rainbows and patterns you can see it below.

You can also personalise a bag using patches stitched on like we have shown in this blog post. - How to sew on patches to a backpack. 

If you are not confident about sewing on patches but you still want to add a personal touch to your backpack you can also add badges to your bag like in the picture below. This bag below is our classic backpack in orange, there are a few left to buy here.

Here are some more inspiration images for personalising your bag

karl largerfeld personalised tote bag


* test the surface of the bag in a small patch first if you plan on painting it.

* if you use badges or patches you can always change it later if your tastes changes.

* use your personalisation to express something you believe in. Climate change, LGBT rights etc. you can use your bag as a bill board to communicate a message.

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