Pokémon Go from the perspective of a 46 year old mother

Pokémon Go from the perspective of a 46 year old mother

Pokémon Go is a 2016 augmented reality mobile game, part of the Pokémon franchise, developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for iOS and Android devices. My son talked me into downloading it on my phone so he could use it when we were out and about. I submitted because of the 'walking around' element of the game.

I knew that as far as computer games go, this one wasn't too bad for my 10 year old as its age appropriate, it features cute little characters and is based on getting out and about to 'catch' Pokémon.

I am technically a Gen X'er ie born between 1965 and 1980 (i was born in 1976) however, my spirit generation is more Y - i feel more in tune with being a millenial. i remember clearly the rise of the internet, the first mobile phones and these things made me excited.

When i agreed to 'play' pokémon with my son, i already did know a little bit about it, as he has explained it to me more than a few times in an attempt to get me to see how much he loves it and how its harmless and even good for him. I didn't really get addicted to it straight off, it was more to humour him. But now... when i see a Weedle in the Wild i just have to have a go at catching the cute little worn with a unicorn spike on its head. And when it takes me 10 pokemon balls to catch the dumb thing only to find out i only got 100 XP for it can leave me reeling! I'm also so chuffed that from my house i can access 3, yes 3 Pokestops. (where i can stock up on more pokeballs and things like that.

I still have only 2 'friends' and i really only know how to catch Pokémon, rather than also battle, take over gyms, hatch things etc, but i'm sure i might find out a few more things over time. I'm on level 20 which doesn't mean much other than i've caught quite a few Pokémon (not Pokémons as my son pointed out to me as a way to distinguish people who know what they are talking about from people who just want to make conversation with a kids)

I've also played almost everyday since i downloaded the game (don't want to ruin my streak) sometimes just for a few minutes. It's not a bad thing to do to pass time when you are waiting at a bus stop or waiting for a friend in a park. (parks are the best!) The game is designed specifically so that it is most beneficial to you to be walking around outside. It is also strangely a social game as sometimes you even see other adults playing it, you then log in and see that there is a 'raid' going on. There is also a weird tapping, swirling motion that is specific to Pokémon Go, so when you see someone standing still tapping vigorously on the phone you can bet they are a Pokémon Go player! You can also send gifts to other players each day. But you can only send them another gift once they have opened their gift from the previous day, this is probably a good lesson in life too :)

So far it seems like a bit of harmless fun, i don't allow my son to buy anything with real money in the game, and his time is limited to his overall time on his ipad/device. I've enjoyed some nice bike rides with him going 'hunting' for Pokémon and its nice to have different topics on which i can relate to my son and Generation Alpha - afterall with my business Goodordering i do need to understanding these things !

So far, i'm not great at the game and i don't think i have a game addiction gene in me, but its not doing any harm being on my phone and i had fun catching international Pokémon on a recent trip to Sweden, apparently they are all different. I feel like a 'cool' mum that i play Pokémon even though i really don't know what i'm doing, i'm progressing through the levels and accumulating more points, berries, potions and candy, so i guess i'll fumble through it just like i fumble through my real life. Maybe actually, its really not that different :) 

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