Sustainability and the second hand market

Sustainability and the second hand market

Ive been selling some items i don't wear any more recently, using Vinted and ebay, these days its easier than ever to be part of the circular economy. 

The items of clothing, shoes and accessories that i don't use as much any more are placed into a box, when i get a spare moment i'll take an item from the box and photograph it with my phone and then upload it onto vinted. The whole process only takes about 5 minutes.

Here is my vinted profile :) HERE It has really changed the way that i buy things and has encouraged me to downsize my wardrobe and sell off items from my own collection. 


The beauty of these apps that allow people to buy and sell second hand clothing, is that the buyer (me) gets to fulfill my appetite for online shopping but with a lot less guilt. Shopping as an activity can be relaxing and fun. A way to stave off depression and boredom, but traditionally this has meant that irresponsible spending is only a few clicks away. Vinted and ebay have really helped me to shop more sustainably whilst still giving me the dopamine hit of buying things online.

Facebook marketplace is also a similar platform that is very easy to access, allowing people to have an online garage sale. I think marketplace has really taken off and the simplicity of it makes it very accessible to everyone. There are of course dangers - wherever there is money changing hands, there are criminals lurking! 

There are some high end websites / apps that focus on designer labels such as Poshmark and Vestiare Collective. Vestiaire offers an optional ‘authentication’ feature on items, so the product you’ve ordered is first checked and approved before being sent to you.

Upcycled using the pannier hardware

We at Goodordering sell our own in-house designed panniers and cycling bags, but we also sell some hardware called the Klik Fix pannier rack - made by German company Rixen Kaul, that allow you to upcycle your very own bag or backpack into a bicycle pannier bag. 

The hardware attaches through small holes that need to be made in the bag and then the rail is attached using screws and round backing plates. 

Upcycled tent bag made into a pannier bag

There are many websites that focus on womenswear, but there are also a few that specialise in menswear such as Grailed. This US based company is hailed as the world’s most popular menswear resale marketplace. They have vintage as well as designerwear. However, here are 5 of the biggest second hand market places. 

1. eBay: eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces for buying and selling new and used items. Users can list items for auction or set a fixed price for immediate purchase. With its global reach and various categories, eBay offers a wide range of products, from electronics to clothing, making it a versatile platform for second-hand selling.

2. Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace allows users to buy and sell items locally within their community. It's integrated into the Facebook app, making it convenient for users to browse listings and communicate with sellers. Its focus on local transactions makes it ideal for selling larger items like furniture or appliances, as buyers can pick up items in person.

3. Craigslist: Craigslist is a popular classified advertisements website where users can find a wide array of goods and services, including second-hand items. Listings are organized by location, allowing users to find local deals easily. While it lacks some of the advanced features of other platforms, Craigslist remains a go-to option for many users due to its simplicity and broad user base. In the UK Gumtree is similar to Craigslist.

4. Depop: Depop is a mobile-focused marketplace that caters to fashion enthusiasts looking to buy and sell unique clothing and accessories. It has a strong social aspect, allowing users to follow each other, like items, and communicate directly. Depop's emphasis on trendy and vintage fashion items attracts a younger demographic and fosters a sense of community among users.

5. OfferUp: OfferUp is a mobile app designed for local buying and selling, similar to Facebook Marketplace. Users can list items for sale and communicate with potential buyers within the app. OfferUp offers features such as user ratings and secure payments to help build trust between buyers and sellers. Its user-friendly interface and focus on local transactions make it a convenient option for second-hand selling.

Sustainability is something that is all of our responsibility. Using these second hand apps and websites to sell un-used items is a great way to get a bit of cash for items that you don't use and at the same time allow customers to buy something they need second hand rather than new. Ingenious huh! 

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