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Who likes a bit of sickly sweet food porn to look at during down times? I do, I have recently been completely fascinated by current food trends for brightly coloured cakes. In the recent past we have had obsessions such the cupcake and the meringue, and now its clearly time for the CAKE! This trend is pioneered by a handful of cult Korean bakeries such as @benny.cake, @_yammycake_, @juujuucake 🎂🍰

benny.cake korean instagram

Juu Juu cake

This one above is from @juujuucake another Korean establishment. I could scroll through their instagram feed for hours. 

Coven Bakery (below) is a London based company also doing similar larger than life cakes that contain a high dose of magic. These cakes designed by Harriet and Erin are just amazing and on their instagram they say "Angels making your dream cakes" which i just love. They start at about £55 which is totally reasonable i feel for something more akin to a piece of artwork than a cake. They are taking a break over the christmas period but their website is HERE

coven bakery


Kitsch photography inspiration

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The way the cakes are created with clashing colours and over the top decorations are truly celebratory. As a maximalist myself, i believe cakes are to take your breath away and for you to escape to world of fantasy and these cakes do just that.

70s cake

I have a theory or opinion that birthday cakes should be make by parents regardless of their skill level. So therefore even if little Timmy gets something that looks more like an unfortunate night out in soho than Marshall from Paw Patrol, then so be it. The memory and photographic evidence of the attempt will go down favourably in the photo albums.

Jelly and sickly sweet foods

Recently in the Great British Bake off, lock down edition, the contestants had to do a jelly creation. I have been interested in jelly way before that let it be said, but i was very captivated by their attempts even though i question the place of jelly atop a cake. 

70s cake

You can really see the inspiration come through from the classic cakes from the 60s and 70s where there was always a generous amount of butter cream, glazed cherries and food colouring around.

coven bakery

If you scour the internet for long enough (like i have) you come across some surprisingly cool food photography from the 70s showcasing the whole spread of kitsch goodies. I can just imagine the dinner party that was about the ensue after these jellies have set :)

Vintage food photography jelly

Some of the creations where fruit and other odd things are hidden within translucent jelly just tells us how into jelly we were back then when it first came out. Fruits such as apples were also seen as semi exotic. Personally, i don't find jelly really very tasty, the texture is so bouncy and odd. But back then it was more about presentation than the actual taste itself. So as long as it could impress the neighbours or the husband's boss it was ok. :)

retro jelly

I can't help but to admire the kitsch clashing of textures and colours that was very much present in food in the 1970s. Now in 2020 as we look back on these food trends we can see that trends are indeed cyclic and we can see these trends return in their new incarnations.

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