Unusual untraditional pannier bags

Unusual untraditional pannier bags

Some of these bags show a lot of creativity and all inspire the riding of bikes which we at Goodordering absolutely love and encourage too!

Bobbin basket pannier

Book basket pannier bag

This clever and simple basket pannier is perfect for carrying around own bag or backpack or as seen here, other things that don't necessarily fit into traditional shapes. I love this image showing a pile of books in this bicycle pannier basket, perfect for a mobile library! you can learn more about this item at Bobbin bikes.

Toast woven double pannier

Toast woven wicker pannier

This woven basket double pannier mimics the design of a more modern pannier bag but made from a traditional natural material. The design offers a timeless romantic feel, i imagine riding along a tow path in France collecting flowers or cheese at a local farmers market and riding home to the cottage. Braided by hand, and made by UK London based company Toast, the bags are made by artisans in Morocco from a natural reed that grows wild on the banks of nearby rivers.

Old trousers upcycled pannier bag

This person shows step by step how to make a bicycle pannier bag out of an old pair of trousers, this is a true upcycling technique!

Bicycle pannier bags made from trousers

The types of items you need are not as techical as you would imagine, have a look at the image below showing all you need to upcycle an old pair of trousers into a bicycle pannier bag.

diy pannier bag from trousers

Rei DIY bucket panniers

Rei, outdoor company have created a step by step guide on how to make your own bucket pannier bags. You can see the guide HERE. It is a great step by step guide which shows many pictures on exactly what hardware and tools you need. For example, one of the instructions are, "Place two hooks on your bike rack about 5-6 inches apart (depending on your rack). Hold a bucket to the hooks with the lid lip just above the rack. Mark where the hook holes hit.

Using the ¼” bit, drill a hole at each mark. Trim away any extra bits of plastic. Repeat with the second bucket."

The types of things that you might want a pair of bucket panniers are include for fishing, cleaning window business, or even a trip to the local farmers market. The buckets are low cost and they are also easy to clean.

Air Pannier etsy


 Above it a great invention / design / contraption called the Air Pannier which is basically a net pannier attachment which allows strange or large items to be attached to the bicycle. It is available to buy through etsy and as a product itself it doesn't look like much but i think it is absolutely ingenious! Here is the Air Pannier empty not on a bicycle, where it looks very much like some kind of a fishing net.

Goodordering Ikea bag pannier hack

air pannier

Here is the iconic ikea carrier bag which has been turned into a pannier bag. I have used the Rixen Kaul Kompakt Rail Pannier system. With this system you can create your own pannier bag out of any bag or shopper using this product. This item comes as a set with all the bolts and backing plate to attach to your own bag.

Rixen kaul kompakt rail pannier system

You can buy it here on the Goodordering website. You can either buy the bag already fitted with the pannier rack or you can do it yourself and buy just the kompakt system and fit it to any of your own bags.

Ikea bag pannier system

It took only about 10 minutes to attach the Kompakt Rail system to the ikea bag. I used a re-enforcement on the inside in the form of a piece of polypropylene 300 micron sheet. which adds a bit of stability to the bag, However it would be probably fine without it too.

Ikea bag with kompakt rail pannier system

The bag is shown here with the added hardware, and the post originally went viral on tiktok, you can see it here.  This bag was great to carry around items that are lightweight but bulky such as cushions or a blanket. The ikea bag itself is designed to be strong but also relatively disposable. When the bag gets worn out, the hardware can simply be removed and reused on a new ikea bag or a different bag.

Some other innovative contraptions include more customised bungee straps that can attach items onto the top of the pannier rack such as the below item.


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