Whats in your clear bag

Whats in your clear bag

I designed this new clear bag to be used as a versatile bag organiser or a bag in itself. Here is a little video showing you around the different functionalities and how i designed the bag, and some pictures of how other people have used it too!

If you would like to buy it you can find it RIGHT HERE


I have also made a video showing 6 uses for the goodordering clear stadium bag and these are them:

1) Stationery bag for pens and tape and art materials

2) Make up bag, personal or professional for smaller amounts of kit

3) Your regular everyday handbag

4) A bag organiser to take inside other bags with all the key items that you keep in your bag

5) Swimming bag, you can keep all your items safe and separate from the dry things in your main bag

6) Toy bag for kids to pack their toys in for a play date or sleep over

make up bag in clear transparent goodordering bag organiser

Toy bag Goodordering clear bag

Here is the bag being used by my son to carry all his squishy toys in to take to the park.

Swimming bag clear bag goodordering

Here is the clear bag being used as a compact swimming kit bag, it fits everything inside and keeps your wet things separate from all the other things in your bag.

Stationery bag

Stationery bag with all my pens and tape and art pens, i love to be able to see everything inside. 

hand bag goodordering clear stadium bag

Here is the bag organiser being used as a regular hand bag with the inner striped bag to put things in that you don't want everyone to see!

clear goodordering stadium bag stationery bag

clear goodordering stadium bag stationery bag

clear goodordering stadium bag stationery bag

Thanks Nikki for sharing pics of how you are using your clear stadium bag from Goodordering. Here is the video i made showing the 6 different uses that i came up with, i'm sure there are more that my customers can share with me!

Here is a picture of the stadium bag in an art shop in east London, perfect for art supplies! The colourful contents are off set by the vibrant contents!

goodordering clear bag in Jackson's art shop

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