4 Ways Cycling Can Change Your Professional Life

4 Ways Cycling Can Change Your Professional Life

As the return to the office starts in earnest, more professionals are entering the new era of work with the help of bicycles. Cycling is an underrated mode of transportation that got the recognition it deserved during the past few years. Recognising that bikes are one of the fastest and most reliable means of transportation, professionals are opting to cycle so that they can get to work while also getting a bit of a workout. But on top of that, this simple activity is also transforming the professional lives of everyday cyclists in the following ways:

Your productivity can increase due to cycling

Okay, it does seem exhausting to bike to work. However, experts actually discovered that your productivity can increase if you bike to work.

Cycling is becoming an attractive means of transportation since it is effective in boosting the mental and physical health of employees. You feel less stressed through the workout, allowing you to arrive at work in an invigorated manner. On top of that, this workout also boosts your energy during the ride to work. This allows you to feel more ready to tackle tasks, even in the early hours!

Sick days can be reduced through regular biking

You’ve already worked out by biking from your house to your workplace. By doing this regularly, you can improve your physical fitness and lower your risk for chronic illnesses.

As such, it’s no surprise that about 80% of absenteeism can be reduced by switching to cycling as a form of commute. Cyclists seem to be much healthier than their counterparts since non-cyclists are more likely to take at least two more sick days every year. This proves that your health can drastically improve by simply biking from your house to your workplace regularly.

You can develop crucial soft skills through biking

Cycling may seem like a humble activity, but it actually requires discipline, determination, and other soft skills that are in demand in the workplace.

The good news for cyclists is that 89% of executives are on the lookout for employees with crucial soft skills, like adaptability and punctuality. Life on the road can be tough, which is why it’s necessary for you to be adaptable to your environment and your routes. On top of that, cycling teaches you to adjust your speed or your routes to get to work on time, which in turn will increase your time awareness and punctuality.

Cycling can make work commutes cheaper

Professionals were able to save expenses in the remote work setup. Though employees are now returning to the office, you can continue to save costs by biking to work.

Cheap bikes can cost more in the long run, but you can stick to their own budget by assessing the electric bike features that you need. For instance, you can calculate the minimum battery requirement between your home and your workplace so that you can increase the longevity of the battery. By getting
a bike with features that you need, you can get a cost-effective investment that allows you to save commuting and fuel costs in the long run. There are also so many bags on the market like ours at Goodordering that can help you get all your gear and work items there safe and sound, like our rolltop backpack pannier bag. 

Cycling is indeed underrated, considering that it provides a lot of benefits for your personal and professional life. Now that you have learned about these benefits, its time to make a switch by investing in a good bike for your work commute.

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