All the CORES

All the CORES

Have you heard the 'cores' referred to when talking about fashion trends? Wondering what the hell is it? Well here is a glossary for you to understanding some of the fashion trends that we have been seeing over the last few years referred to as WORD + CORE.

Cottagecoreroyalcorenormcore. It’s clear they’re associated with a specific aesthetic and that people are major fans, but what’s the deal with every social trend suddenly getting its own unique -core name?

Here is a list of all the 'core' words that are around right now and a short description of what they are.


The name references the word 'normal' it was one of the original 'cores', and describes a subculture that embraces things that are simple, ordinary, mainstream, or that do not stand out as being trendy


Is a design trend popularized on TikTok that celebrates not only having lots of stuff, but also putting it on display.

Farmcore / cottagecore

An aesthetic or imagery inspired by an old-fashioned, rural lifestyle, characterized by rustic décor and fashion.


The word Gorp is a mixture of nuts, raisins, dried fruits, or seeds eaten as a high-energy snack. This snack is typically eaten by outdoorsy folks, and gorpcore centres around a look based on the outdoors, nature, and functionality. Outdoor fleeces, cargo pants and anoraks are some of the items that fit within this apparel trend.

Gorpcore mood board Goodordering


This aesthetic includes not only imagery of angels, but also tulle and lace, florals, clouds, gold, and a light or pastel color palette. The aesthetic borrows from the European Renaissance era and from many kinds of religious imagery.


angelcore mood board goodordering

 Royalcore, Princesscore, Kingcore, Queencore

This trend centre around the fashion, behaviour, etiquette, and elegance of Western European royalty. It’s also associated with subgenres like princesscorekingcore, and queencore. You can spot it by its association with castles, antique furniture, luxe fabrics and costumes, and, of course, crowns and tiaras.


'Hobicore'. It started in social media around the time J-Hope a South Korean rapper and member of Korean K-Pop supergroup BTS. This style is a combination of retro nostalgia with cute, happy and optimistic kitsch details. It is a combination of kidcore aesthetic and streetwear fashion and features heavy retro nostalgia combined with bright colours, pop art, smiley faces, rainbows, flowers, nail art, and beaded bracelets. You can see more about this trend in our blog post here about Hobicore

 Hobicore trend mood board Goodordering


Fantasy lovers might find their place in the land of fairycore. This -core aesthetic is all about the mythology of fairies and elves. It contains elements of cottagecore and goblincore, namely a celebration of nature and all things mystical and magical. Fairies have long been popular in folklore, but fairycore gained popularity following 2020. Fashion historians say the movement provided “much-needed optimism” after the tough year prior. This trend spans both beauty and fashion aesthetics.

Fairycore fashion and beauty trend Goodordering


Clothing within this sustainability-fueled aesthetic suggests that you either made it yourself (even if you didn't) or spend much of your time crafting — quilt jackets, crochet, knits embroidered with colorful nature items (animals, bugs, flowers), aprons, excessive pockets with an 'etsy' vibe.

Vacationcore, Europecore, Italycore, holidaycore

This trend stems from our universal inclination to share vacation pics online and thus curate outfits for this documentation, vacationcore no longer requires a plane ticket. Just dress like you're traipsing through northern Italy or the South of France without having to deal with flight delays, jet lag or contagious viruses. Look at brands like Julian Clancy for riviera inspiration. 

Holidaycore vacationcore mood board

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A glossary of 'cores' 

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