Celebrity wheels

Celebrity wheels

We love seeing people on bikes and when we see celebrities on bikes its great because it motivates everyday people to jump on their bikes and it brings out the human side of everyone. You can't replicate the feeling you get when you are riding a bike, it can make even the most badass person feel like a kid again. Here are some of our favourite.

Here is former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Santa Monica.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on a bicycle

Grayson Perry, Princess Freedom Bicycle, 2017

Grayson Perry bicycle

Grayson Perry and his bicycle

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and his Marin

boris johnson celebrity on a bicycle

The below image shoes Painter Salvadore Dali with his Graziella folding bike. - Paris 1967, thanks to the foldingcyclist.com 

Salvadore Dali and his bicycle

Prince Harry on his Brompton, and Prince Charles on his slightly more retro set of wheels. 

Prince Harry on his brompton and prince charles

The latest celebrity cycling trend is definitely for folding bikes, the celebrities just cannot get enough of this convenient mode of transport. Hugh Jackman, Owen Wilson and spanish actress Elena Anaya.

celebrities on brompton

Audrey Hepburn on bicycle. Photographed for the December 1953 issue of LIFE, 1955

Audry Hepburn on a bicycle




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