Cool cycling kit

Cool cycling kit

I am inspired by vintage cycling kit. Cycling clothing and accessories often push the boundaries of design and functionality. So often the kit is loud and proud and comes from a heritage of sponsorship. 

Cycling kit
I especially love the classic Italian vintage cycling kit which is bold and clean featuring colourful stripes and a more paired back look.

Vintage cycling kitThere are endless options for designing apparel for cycling. With the new trend for co-ordinated outfits, matching tops and bottoms when it comes to cycling outfits can cross over between sports fashion and general fashion. 

Cycling jerseys
Vintage cycling kit

 The culture of cycling jerseys comes down to cycling teams. Often a whole team would wear the same jersey. This one below Alcyon is one of the most iconic. The team’s name came from the French word for ‘kingfisher’, and as a result the bikes and jerseys the team wore were both kingfisher blue. 

Alcyon jersey


80's STYLE

Cycling style

Laurent Patrick Fignon was a French professional road bicycle racer who won the Tour de France in 1983 and 1984 and the Giro d'Italia in 1989. He was famous also for his signature look. Sadly he died at age 50 from cancer about which he said "I don't want to die at 50, but if there is no cure, what can I do? I'm not afraid of dying. I just don't want it to happen."

Lauren fignon

Cycling style inspiration  Cycling style

Cycle style  

Cycling style


Local Hackney brand Hackney GT bring a lot of freshness to the category with a good old fashioned nod to the past. Check out their retro bmx jersey here below.

Hackney gt

Cycling also has a curious connection to very cool and loud socks. It seems that in the cycling world the more whacky the sock the better. Here are some seriously funky socks from London brand Look Mate. 

Look mate socksSocks for cycling are often mismatched and co ordinate with the rest of the kit. As they are often seen from the back they sometimes feature words or phrases on the back and can also be reflective.

Cyclists socks


Read this article HERE to see more of the most iconic cycling jerseys in history.  

This is also an awesome book all about cycling jerseys called Cycling Jerseys: Iconic designs and the stories that made them


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