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How to join a group bike ride

Cycling is amazing and so great for commuting. But what if your commute has ceased to exist due to covid 19 lockdown restrictions. I have thought about riding around on a fake commute before but it just doesn't work. So what you need to do is join a group bike ride for added fun and motivation. Its a good reason to get on your bike. Without a commute riding then can become more about adventure, fitness and socialising than just saving time.

Additionally, if you're looking for a way to show your support for your fellow bikers, 4incustompatch has the perfect solution - custom bike rider patches! Whether you have a large group of riders or just a few friends, you can create custom patches that will look great on your jackets or vests. So, whether you're hitting the open road or just cruising around town, show your support for your fellow riders with custom bike rider patches. 

With over a million members all over the world, is a website where you can meet to do various kinds of activities with other people. When you get to the website you can either create your own group or join in on a group that already exists. Each group has members and you can search for anything from book clubs and craft groups to cycling and other work-out groups in your local area. I think its ingenious!

Check out the cycling groups on


This is another website which shows some local cycling groups in the UK. It focus' on the Bristol, Bath and West England region and contains a lot of information about cycling and cycling groups that you can join. The best thing about the website is there journey planner which you can use for any route in the UK and you can turn on the additional items so you can see bike shops and bike pumps along the way. The route planner is especially for bicycles and shows the time, distance and incline and decline information so you can plan your route. 

Better by bike website:

Better by bike journey planner


Cycling UK

On the cycling UK website you can search by area for all the cycling groups near you. The cycling UK website also have a useful bunch of videos that help you get started with cycling and to build up your confidence.

Cycling UK website:

Cycling UK

The Tweed Run

The Tweed run is an annual sartorial bicycle ride through London and takes place on the first saturday in May. You need to buy tickets for the event as it is limited to a certain size. The ride is more than just a ride, it is an event. Its not about speed or sport, but mainly about fashion. If you have a vintage bicycle this is the ride for you, the site says "Dust off your vintage velocipede for the ride; prizes awarded for Best Vintage Bicycle. If your bike isn’t quite a classic, try your hand at the Best Decorated Bicycle competition."

Check out their website

Big Ben and the tweed run

Organise your own group ride

Timeout and other local websites often publish bike rides around the local area that you can organise yourself. Here is the Timeout guide on 9 great rides to do around London and they are rated from easy to hard so you can even do them with kids. Use the route planner that is on the better by bike website. 

Timeout rides around London:  9 great rides to do around London

London tow path bike ride

This is an app that allows you to find and join other cyclists around where you are. It harnesses the magic of technology to make it easy. The best thing about this app is that it is global so no matter where you are in the world you will be able to find local cyclists and routes to follow. You can either join a group or just ride a route by yourself. This is what they say on their website " JOIN is the app to prepare your cycling rides, explore routes nearby and meet new cycling friends. Best of all, JOIN is completely free. You’ll never have to ride alone again! Discover thousands of outdoor cycling routes around the world. Choose between them, edit if necessary and turn them into a ride. Join groups, teams, and friends in rides."

Download the app now here app screen grabs


Are you enthused to go on a group bike ride yet? Total Women's Cycling have published an article on tips for your first group bike ride. It includes being prepared, doing your research to having the right equipment and tools on you.

Make sure you take things with you like food, drink and snacks as well as tools. Its really nice to plan a route where you can stop and grab a coffee and enjoy the local neighbourhood, so you might want to pack a picnic blanket. Throw them all into your bicycle pannier bag if you have one. If you don't have one, we recommend the handlebar bag from Goodordering or the saddle bag if you prefer to ride a bit lighter. 

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