Shopping for Comfortable and Stylish Shoes for the Office

Shopping for Comfortable and Stylish Shoes for the Office

As more people return to the office, there has been a major shift from wearing the clothes we have been wearing for the past two years to switching to ones that are appropriate for the office. Many ladies are realizing that they need to shop for new items to wear to the office, including shoes. Shopping for the right footwear is especially important as the time we spend commuting and walking increases. Here is some advice that will help you shop for and find shoes that will look stylish while giving you long-lasting comfort.

What to Consider When Shopping for Work Shoes

Everyone should have their feet measured regularly and just before they buy shoes. What most people do not realize is that our feet change and the shoes that used to fit us might not right now. Additionally, being comfortable with a shoe of a specific size from one manufacturer does not mean you will be comfortable with a shoe of the same size from another manufacturer.

Having your feet measured is especially important for expecting and postpartum moms whose feet can widen due to hormonal changes. Additionally, women who have kids experience ligament laxity which causes the size of their feet to change.


Support and Flexibility

Apart from the size of the shoe, you also need to consider how much support it gives you and how flexible the sole is. A supportive and flexible sole should allow for easier movement with the shoe moving with your feet instead of against them as you walk. If the shoe slips or shifts as you walk, that means it will not provide enough support and will be working against you, two things that can lead to issues down the road.

Support and flexibility are crucial for shoes with straps. Because you want the shoe to move with your foot, the strap will cut into your leg if this does not happen. Now, it is difficult to know if this will happen with new shoes, and this is why it is important to walk around in new shoes before buying them.

No Pain

The straps of the new shoes should not dig into your feet, as this will get worse as you keep wearing the shoes. If the shoes cause pain when new, they will do much worse as they age.

Second, you should not need to “break shoes in”. Some people like a shoe so much that they think it will get less painful once they have worn it for some time. If you use this strategy, please abandon it. Things rarely get better in these situations, and you will end up injuring yourself. Also, this is a clear sign that the shoe is not the right size for your feet, which takes us back to getting your feet measured as you are buying new shoes.

If you think you need to always cycle in flat shoes you are wrong, you can definitely cycle in heels, its possible, give it a go! 

Cycling in heels goodordering

Long-lasting Comfort

Different shoes provide different levels of comfort, but podiatrists are now recommending sneakers unless you are strictly required to wear other shoe types. Sneakers are built with shock absorption that supports your weight and can withstand the pressure you apply to them as you run, walk or stand.

With high heels becoming less common as a requirement in offices, many women are moving towards casual and comfortable footwear such as sneakers. This trend has led to designer options including Gucci sneakers women like to wear that are available on SSENSE. This is where you can find different types of shoes for women, from ankle boots to sneakers.

Sneakers were initially built to withstand wear and many brands do today. This is why they are a great option for ladies looking for office shoes that will withstand long-term wear.

Shopping Time

It is also important to think about when you are trying the shoes on. Feet are affected by things like gravity and other bodily functions, so they tend to swell as the day goes by. By evening, your feet are typically so swollen that shoes that were comfortable in the morning are not in the evening.

This is why podiatrists advise that you try shoes in the evening. Your feet are in the worst shape in the evening which means if the shoes are a great fit and comfortable at this time, they will be comfortable throughout the day.

Cycling shoes Goodordering

Additional Features

There are some additional features you should look for when shopping for shoes. You should get a shoe that is as wide as your toes when they are spread out. Many shoes provide measurements for feet from where the toes start and across the foot. This measurement can be smaller than the width of your spread toes meaning a shoe measured this way will be uncomfortable.

You should also get a shoe with a rigid heel counter. This is the rigid part at the back of the heel and getting enough support here reduces the risk of ankle sprains.

Shopping for shoes for work is much more than finding shoes that look great. You also need to ensure the shoes feel great at all times of day and provide the support you need in case you stand too long. Most other features are good to have once you have the basics in place. If you choose the right shoes for you, you should be able to do all sorts of activities in them including cycling!

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