What is a billow?

What is a billow?

Good question, it's a bag pillow, or a bag which is also a pillow. It was 'invented' during lockdown when i saw lots of people walking around parks with pillows from their houses or flats. Here is a video showing the inside, and some surprising features of this odd but useful bag.

You might be thinking, isn't it just a bag in the shape of a pillow? well yes it is. It is also padded like a pillow so whatever you put in it, the pillow effect will still be there. There are no outside pockets to create lumpy areas and the fabric is water resistant so you can put it on wet grass and it won't soak up moisture.

One of the special features that make it 'Goodordering' is that it can also attach to a bicycle pannier rack. In keeping true to our spirit of encouraging cycling, the bag can be easily transported on your bike. But even if you don't have a bike you can wear it over your shoulder.

Goodordering billow on bicycle

This bag is a bit of a frankenstein i will admit but it is a bag close to my heart. For one, because i really enjoy lying in the sunshine in a park and this bag seriously aids this activity. Secondly, i am sick and tired of hearing about brands being copied by big brands. I feel really strongly about originality in design or at least crediting and renumerating brands for their intellectual property. So because of this, i love this bag especially becuase it is not an iteration on another highly commercial bag that is already on the market , it is an original (if not odd) bag which comes from a core need or observation that i made with my own little eyes.

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Goodordering billow

The Billow co-ordinates with the rest of our TARTAN RANGE.  

* attaches to bicycle pannier rack
* 3 internal bottle holders
* 1 internal zip pocket
* padded construction

Dimensions: 66cm (wide) x 45cm (high)

Billow Jacqui Ma

This range of bags is made from recycled nylon - we are so proud to make these bags from recycled materials even though its more expensive and took longer to develop. It is part of a range of a total of 9 bags which you can see here. TARTAN RANGE. 

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What is a billow?

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