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3 tips for looking stylish on your bike commute to work

3 tips for looking stylish on your bike commute to work

There is no better way to start your day than with a blast of exercise which blows the cobwebs away and sets you up for the challenges to come. Cycling to work may just be the best way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, but how do you make sure you don't end up sitting at your desk in a sweaty mess?

Well, you will have spent plenty of time considering which bike to buy before you started cycling and you need to give almost as much thought to what you are going to wear. Because if you don't get that right, arriving at work feeling sweaty or soaking wet from the rain actually has the potential to put you off the whole idea. If you choose the right clothing you can stay safe, look stylish and it can actually work to pull sweat away from your body as you pedal away without you even knowing. Clever stuff.

We know that most working environments require you to look clean cut, professional and in control. But you also want to look your best on the bike. So here are three key tips to help you look stylish on your bike commute to work.

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  1. Safety first, style second

Style is important, but it's not the most vital thing when you cycle to work. You need to be safe above all else. So firstly, choose a helmet that fits tightly on your head and if it adds a little style then great. But nothing you wear will do more to save your life or protect you from serious injury in the event of an accident. So take your time and get it right. Next up, ensure all your clothing is bright and reflective and has padding in the right places. If you do these basics correctly you will have got the most important part of your cycling outfit right and you will be as safe as you can be when you cycle to work. Our goodordering bicycle Pannier bags have reflective tape from them so you definitely be safe.

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  1. Choose your clothing company carefully

Fashion and style are about more than just clothing these days. Millennials are increasingly conscious of how transparent the companies they buy clothes from are about sustainability. Clothes become stylish because the brand is working hard to consider the environment - ASOS is a good example with 71% of the 4,323 metric tonnes of cotton they used in 2017 having been sustainable. They aim to get that to 95% by 2020. So when it comes time to choose your cycling clothing, this may be an important factor to consider. You can start by asking how important the environment is to you. The fact you are cycling, rather than driving to work, suggests you are already giving the issue some thought.

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  1. Get the fit right

For clothing to be stylish it has to fit you properly. Of course, the colour, the breathability and the way you put the outfit together will all affect how it looks, but if it doesn't fit you correctly, you don't stand a chance. So, before you start looking at which brand to choose and which colours suit you, consult a guide as to help you find which size is going to fit you best. Once you have your size, consider whether you would best suit a slim or a more relaxed fit. You want something that is tight enough to allow the wicking fabric to draw the sweat away from your body and on to the outer layer of the fabric (if you get the right material it will also dry remarkably quickly once you take it off) but not so tight that it is unflattering. It is a delicate balance but one you need to get right.

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